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Latest Updates

At Click Antiques and Vintage we passionately believe in promoting the environmental advantages of buying antiques, undoubtedly the most sustainable sector of the retail trade. What other industry keeps the items they sell in constant circulation? Antiques have been eco-friendly long before the word recycling existed.

Many of us try and incorporate more sustainable ways to live and reduce our carbon footprint. We try to shop locally, recycle, drive electric cars and insulate our homes. But fewer people consider the environment when choosing home furnishings.

Buying a new chest of drawers is estimated to create a carbon footprint 16 times larger than buying the classic antique equivalent. This was determined by factors such as where the raw materials were sourced, where it was manufactured and transportation to its final destination and its durability.

The life expectancy of a new chest of drawers is 15 years, a sofa 7 years. Compare that to a 180 year old antique chest and it becomes obvious which one was built to last. Shockingly, 10 million items of furniture get thrown away in the UK each year.

Antiques don’t have to be expensive, in fact, there are some real bargains out there. Even in cases where you pay slightly more for solid oak versus modern veneered chipboard, you will be living with a piece that will likely increase in value rather than depreciate. When you look at the sometimes rare materials, the lost skills of the craftsmen who built them, the individuality of each piece, it’s hardly surprising.

Buying antique furniture does come with another added benefit - you don’t have to assemble it yourself!

Modern furniture is more likely to go out of vogue and stay that way. Even if it does come back into fashion, by the time it does, it’s likely to have fallen apart. If you invest in unique and timeless pieces you’ll have something proven to last and a truly individual home.

How can you make your home more green without it costing the Earth? Next time you are looking to buy something new for your home, think old, invest in antiques and our future.

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